Hooked on Ran Online PH

sedoyskie and salomegubat - sedoyskie doing one of the skills (photoshop effects)
August 9, 2010 9:06am CST
Every boring moment never seemed so boring after I learned how to control and manage my ran online character. Ran Online PH commercially distributed in the Philippines by IP E-games, still proves to be one of the best played MMORPGs here. Free to play, easy controls, amazing effects and details endeared this game not only to the regular gamers, ran online was able to manipulate different markets making it one of the biggest MMORPG game nowadays. Ran Online still has distinct 4 classes, but with what used to be archer/shaman = girls, and swordsman/brawler = boys, now evolved into a whole different genre giving players endless options when creating their most loved characters. IP E-games also made sure that the extreme classes are now available. My characters are of course girls that i can dress up with the available costumes which you can purchase either in the market or online shops, for ran online PH, I play inside ALAB server. IGN: sedoyskie (archer)/ salomegubat (shaman) LEVEL: 201 / 191 SERVER: ALAB Share your best character photos
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@ckciasigurl (1713)
• Vienna, Austria
23 May 11
HI kukiya! actually ive been addicted also in this game RAN ONLINE PH , i learned this game from my friend, when i was depress, i put all my time in this game , yes i do buy a card to top up in my character i was addicted in this game i play 24 hours just to make my character high level definitely i am at TALA Server ARCHER AND SHAMAN CLASS MP AND SG SCHOOL lvl 202 and 201 and still for know i am playing this game,