Addicted in chasing dreams

August 9, 2010 11:04am CST
The real thrill is on how to get what you want, not really getting it. Is this true for you? In my case, whenever I am near to achieving my goals, I loose the motivation to continue. I am more motivated in the start. But when I get so close with what I really want to happen, I just somehow don't want to push further. That is why I don't get to finish what I have started. I have no idea yet why this is happening to me. Can you give some explanations too?
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• United Arab Emirates
9 Aug 10
It is said you never know how many miles you have to run before chasing your dream. I have been on a dream run. I never ever thought that i would dream so big and even come near it. It was just a fantasy to dream about material things in life. From the day i have realised that whatever i touch turn to gold. I have been serious with my dreams. i can never let them fail.
• Philippines
9 Aug 10
That is indeed what determination is all about. Keep up the good attitude. It will surely bring you success. :D
@hanizah (256)
9 Aug 10
I think you are not sure of your dream.I mean it is not that big deal to you..Yes you are so motivated at first but when you are near you don;t push through..
• Philippines
9 Aug 10
That can be a good explanation. But there are dreams that I wanted and my entire life and have worked for that ever since. I just can't seem to figure out why when it is so near to me, I am not that excited anymore. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts though. I really appreciated it. It made me think back again. :D
@pibi713 (187)
• China
21 Aug 11
We have a goal. Ane we pursue it. We make great efforts and finally it comes true. Maybe at first we will feel very excited abot it. But soon we are lost we don't know what should do. The process of chasing dreams is the most wonderful part.