Do you believe in Spirits (a.k.a Ghost or Paranormal Activity?

United States
August 9, 2010 8:04pm CST
Lots of TV shows now and days about connection to the after life and speaking to ghosts in stuff. I'm not sure what to believe, it all may be fake or all may be real. I'm a skeptical person when it comes to this subject, not very skeptical, but skeptical enough to say I don't believe unless I see for myself (which I hope will never happen). I myself have never seen a ghost but have believed to witness some "paranormal activity" not too paranormal but paranormal enough to ask yourself, "How did that just happened?" Anyways if you have any experinced with this subject I would love to hear what you experinced :) and your opinion on the subject
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@JayJay45 (157)
• United States
11 Aug 10
I do believe in the paranormal. I have had some experience in that realm, tho I often think it's my imagination getting away with me. I also have a friend who is psychic and she can tell me what's going on with me before I even sit down to chat. A couple experiences I've had involve 'ghosts'. Sometimes I'll be alone in the house and the rocking chair will just start rocking on its own. Or I'll be alone and someone will tap me on the back, but when I turn around there will be no one there.
@lexclark (21)
• Philippines
10 Aug 10
I don't believe in it because I have'nt found any but after watching it on TV it creeps me.even from the stories I heard.
• Bulgaria
10 Aug 10
We can't be sure there are or there aren't any ghost and other paranormal creatures. I don't believe to something till i see it too , but it think it's better to not expirience paranormal activities..