How Much Coffee Do you take in a Day?

August 10, 2010 3:45am CST
Being workaholic we need to be always active and always awake,as my daily consuming of coffee which is 5 times a week,What are the positive and negative effect of coffee in-spite of not having a good sleep at night.Could you tell me guys do you experiencing something in your health having a lot of coffee?
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@dianajen (77)
13 Aug 10
I don't drink coffee, since when I tried it for 3 days straight I had a palpitations. I think that coffee has benefits to those who are use to drinking it and since there are many organic coffee out there. Coffee have increasingly exceed its benefits with many antioxidants added.
@Tresaqwe (376)
• United States
10 Aug 10
Absolutely none! Haha, I have never drank coffee and never plan to, I'd much rather be tired than drink it and experience the crash afterwards. Some scientists say that an apple will give you as much energy as a coffee, so I(used to, have braces now) eat apples when I am tired or when I'm just plain craving them. :] I sleep well at night and don't crash during my day because I haven't had my coffee fix.
• Philippines
10 Aug 10
Well I really don't drink coffee now. I drink tea in the morning or night. Because before, I'm experiencing palpitation in my heart. I sweat a lot and I feel dizzy that's why I really don't wanna take a sip even if I smell the aromatic flavor.
@ktmatunog (914)
• Philippines
10 Aug 10
Taking at least a coffee a day (that is everyday, 7x a week) means that you are a coffee addict. And too much coffee drinking gives you some signs and symptoms like palpitations, for some, headache, nausea and vomiting and hyperactivity, and yet this is only for a short period time. Yes it lightens up your day, gives you the mood and perk you up. But after hours, you'll feel the exhaustion and this time, it is the more stressful thing that can happen to you. in spite of depriving your sleep, it constricts blood vessels. People with cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or high blood pressure should be aware on this. Also for diabetic ones, it affects the blood sugar. it inhibits the absorption of vitamins and minerals excreting it more into your urinary system - this is now it's diuretic effect.
@Fnukki (13)
• Denmark
10 Aug 10
Well, im not the biggest coffee user, around 1-3 cups a week, when i get an chance i wont say no, but yet agian im not the biggest coffee user.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
10 Aug 10
I drink around 2-4 cups a day usually, less on the weekends and on holidays. I think it is an okay amount, not too much and not too little.