how do you do when a friend you like very much goes away??

August 10, 2010 7:08am CST
it is so frustrating. A girl in our office is fun and very nice. I like her very much. However, she is spending more time with another girl. this shouldn't be an issue if i can stay with both them. but the thing is, i don't like that girl that much. i don't want to be with her too much. How should i do? actually i am not very close with the fun girl, i just like being with her because she is a girl who can make you feel comfortable. did you ever meet with this kind of situation? how did you deal with it? did you just let her go?
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• Indonesia
13 Aug 10
I will try to keep in touch with her. even if it means just by saying hello and have a short talk with her (so I wouldn't have to be involved in long talk with another girl that I don't like). at least, I still try to communicate and to not cut the contact. after all, it's her right to make friends with anybody, including that "another girl". and if I respect this friend I like, I have to respect her choice of making friends, and try to also be polite to another girl whom I don't like. disliking that "another one" doesn't mean I should sacrifice a possible friendship with the one I like. it's just not worth it.
• Philippines
10 Aug 10
I had a good friend back to where i was previously living. We had a bit of a falling out but we still connect with each other through facebook and that's it. We used to hang out almost all day and just share stories about ourselves. It was always a good day for us i gotta say.