How to make a guy to commit?

November 17, 2006 5:26am CST
2 responses
• United States
17 Nov 06
oh that is easy ! you see you just jump one in a dark alley way and hog tie them drag them home lock them in a closet for a few days dont feed them or anything ya know , and after a week they will be so hungery they will be willing to do anything for you ;).... well at least that how i met my hubby LOL but seriously :P nobody will commit to you guy or girl unless they really want too so if you have somone wasting your time in a relationship and you dont like it just drop them and save yourself the wasted energy ;) it is worth it in the long run , remeber there are 2 types of ppl the ppl you can stand to only be around for 2 min and the ppl who you can be around for 2 hours or more dont waste your time on the 2 minute ppl ;) ~M~
• Singapore
17 Nov 06
you can't make a guy commit, you will have to give him time. When the time and the person is right, then he will commit. if he's still not willing to commit after a few months of waiting, move on!