I just read a book by Zecharia Sitchin and had to laugh!

August 10, 2010 10:17pm CST
Now some of you may remember some of my posts in the past about what ifs. But this Zecharia Sitchin claims to be an expert on Sumerian, and anciant Hebrew, LOL he can't even tell the difference between Hebrew and Aramaic! He makes mistakes a second week anciant middle east language student wouldn't make. And don't get me started on his Sumerian translations. But here's the question today. Lets suppose outside of the one true G_D, there were other gods (who are not all powerful), or at least beings who posed as gods thousands of years ago, would knowing who and what they are help your faith, or hurt it?
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11 Aug 10
Free- I wasn't aware that you were a Sumerian expert. My husband has been running an online group for the last several years, and Ancient Mesopotamian/Sumerian Magic is his specialty. Though, even he does not make claims to be an expert at the language. Though, he has found several good translations, one book in particular that uses Hebrew as a way to help understand the pronunciation of Sumerian. It has helped me in my own path workings, as someone very new to the study of Sumerian Magic. I will say that Sumer is the oldest religion, and pre-dates the Abrahamic faiths. When one begins to compare the mythos, one realizes that the Abrahamic tales of creation mirror those of the ancient Sumerians. I personally cannot say that there is just “One almighty Divine”, but I think I can understand and sympathize with your comments. It can be difficult to read an author who has made a claim that is not well structured, let alone accurate. Though, in all things there is always at least a grain of truth. Namaste-Anora
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11 Aug 10
Lottery- Sumeria was the first known civilization in the world. It's taught in most World Civilization classes, but is generally quickly glossed over to get to the other histories, or at least that was my experience in college. Here is a link from history world.org that will provide you with a basic outline of the history. http://history-world.org/sumeria.htm Namaste and happy reading! Anora
12 Aug 10
Anora_Eldorath, Thanks for responding, I do have a working knowledge on anciant middle eastern religions and language, I would not say expert, but Mr. Stichin does claim to be an expert and for him to make a statement and makes so many mistakes is just... well it become clear he is grasping at straws to support his ideas. I am not an expert, I never received any of my advanced degrees, I still need the use of good translatons sometimes as especially when dealing with single and double syllable words in Sumerian that can have 5 different meanings. But I do love the writings of the Sumerians, Akkadians, Ugeret and the Babylonians, They really put the worlds religions in perspective and help me also understand the thoughts behind the old testament Hebrew writers.
13 Aug 10
btw, your husbands group sounds interesting. I would like to see how he makes the application.