August 10, 2010 10:35pm CST
In the school where I'm at, we recently had this mass wedding for financially disadvantaged couples who live together without the blessings of the Church. This was attended by thirty couples. We are a country of traditions who believe in weddings complete with wedding gowns, gifts, parties to celebrate the ceremony, honeymoon in a flush hotel or a trip. With expenses up nowadays, weddings could be a dream for the financially disadvantaged. I wonder if couples can be married with only the priest and a couple of witnesses without the usual fanfare. Then many of the marriages can have the blessing of the Church. What do you think?
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@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
12 Aug 10
Personally I hate weddings which are celebrated with pomp and pageantry!It should be conducted in a very simple way since the only importance of it is to solemnize and legalized the union and get a blessing from the church. I just couldn't understand why couple wanted to celebrate it with a funfare the result is too much expenditure, this is maybe the reason why most men are being horrified with the prospect of getting married because of expenses but in REALITY it should not be expensive. I grew up in a place where everything is conducted in all simplicity with only witnesses and family are present in the weddings, so less expenses but gives happiness and stress-free feeling to the couple. If I will get married, I will only invite 30 people but I will organized a very joyous celebration with closest family members and friends, lots of fun and laughter. It should not very expensive. I think wedding celebration is at the discretion of the couple, and I want to make it very simple and exclusive with no pomp and pageantry, I hate being in the crowd so I don't like to wed in a grand ceremony with lots of people.
• Philippines
12 Aug 10
Hi! I agree with you on the stress-free feeling a simple ceremony would give to the couple, not to mention perhaps a most memorable one where you can be yourself instead of wearing a mask.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
18 Aug 10
I like mass weddings. I witnessed a mass wedding once and I was really thrilled and amazed cause there were so many people who attended and its just so nice to looking at all the brides wearing their gowns and all happy about the wedding.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
17 Aug 10
I believe that a church wedding is as blessed as a marriage conducted by the mayor, or a judge. it does not matter as long as you both are legally binded together. Whoever God gave power to join two people, that too is a valid marriage. I'd say marriage should not be expensive. Really.. what makes the whole blessing, and ceremony expensive is us - we should wear a gown, (designed specifically for us), a complete entourage, accessories, and all the stuffs we have prepared, nice flowers, a reception attended by about 300 guests!!! that's what makes it expensive!