August 11, 2010 1:36am CST
hi to admin and to all mylotters. my lot being a centre of sharing discussions opinions querries etc... why not it can be improved further to receive a message in our mobile when our discussion are commented when we are not logged in. a mobile view of my lot has to be generated to easy the use of mylotters to discuss.
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11 Aug 10
There is no point I get email notifications with no hassle.
• India
11 Aug 10
its not about email notifications. its about mobile sms notification so that we would know about the recent discussion. moreover now a days most mobile phones are enable with browser and we can just use mylot with our mobile itself.
• Canada
11 Aug 10
Yes, I wonder if a mylot app will be developed so we can comment onto mylot while we are going mobile. I'm just getting onto mobile myself and this could be a useful feature. Like right now, I can twitter on mobile, why not mylot?