How you manage your expenses?

Saudi Arabia
August 11, 2010 2:30am CST
Many of us have expenses in everyday life.This are the things we maybe needed and somethings it just for nothing. I'm the only one at the family working in other country and for that I have to manage my expenses to be able to have some savings and remit for my family.In every expenses that came to my pocket must be only the important one.I also have quota for my expenses and in 3 months here in middle east.I think I manage properly my expenses.So to all out there do you manage properly your expenses?
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@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
11 Aug 10
I make a budget each month, which really helps me see where my money goes, and to be aware of everything I use it for. It is a bit boring to be honest, but it works well and gets things done, which is what matters!
• Saudi Arabia
11 Aug 10
That's very good you have monitoring of every money you have spend each month.
@catalady (363)
12 Aug 10
I am quite organised with my finances and try to take everything into account over a year ie: insurances to be paid, tv license, money for gifts, car maintainance etc etc...and make a rough estimate of the amount it would cost over a year then divide it by 12 and try and put that amount away each month so that I always have the money when the bills come in. I also have a little fund for unexpected expenses..and if it's not needed by the end of that year then I either put it towards a holiday or treat myself to something nice :o)
• United States
11 Aug 10
I usually buy in bulk whenever I go shopping and I try maintain a low-cost healthy diet. That is how I kind of got used to in college.