Are you a Materialism or Non Materialism Type of Person ?

@msnoreen (108)
August 11, 2010 9:17pm CST
As i found out to my self,i cannot say that i am a materialism or non materialism values as i tend to not care about shopping as some people do.They love jewelries, more branded clothes, Expensive things. They like to go wherever and waste money for whatever.But for me all i need is those basic things. I dont need jewelries and branded clothes, more shoes and stuff.
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12 Aug 10
I believe it all depends on how you define materialism. I thinck materialism is defined as the win of matter over spirit. Can you keep off essential goods such as food, water, clothing, housing etc. or do you define non-materialism as the abstinence from luxury goods only? Even Carl Marx was considered as one of the most prominent philosophers in favor of materialism. Non-materialism should be associated with the development of the spirit and soul, as opposed to the development of the body.