whatMs wrong with skinny jeans?

August 12, 2010 12:05am CST
Okay so apparently some people think that sinn jeans on a guy is not very pleasant to see, but i don't see why they see it that way. Imean skinny jeans is in right now so people should just accept it! Skinny jeans are apart of my wardrobe deal with it! i ask you this mylotters, is it wrong for a man to wear skinny jeans??
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• Canada
6 Sep 10
It depends on the person... My boyfriend's a muscular football player.. So if I saw him skinny jeans I would have to tell him to take them off, it wouldn't look good on a guy of that body type. It's not WRONG for a guy to wear skinny jeans. I don't mind it or anything, but if the guys jeans are tighter than mine then he might want to consider a different size. I also find it a little weird to see guys shopping in the girls section of clothing stores, because that is where they usually get their skinny jeans.
@alphenor (687)
• Philippines
6 Jul 11
Hi for3verfamous, I didn't know that skinny jeans are found in the girls section..and how can they buy their jeans there? Most jeans in girl's section have girly designs, right?
@alphenor (687)
• Philippines
6 Jul 11
I don't really say that men shouldn't wear it, but it's just not good for most men. Maybe it's because I'm not used to it since it was just recent that I saw these type of jeans. I just saw a woman wearing it and I didn't feel any disgust or negative feelings. Maybe it's just not a man's thing.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
25 Mar 11
Hi. dreammace. Well I don't personally care for my own man wearing them. They won't look good on him. I have seen him try on a pair of pants that were too little for him. And they were too skinny. He did not like the way that the jeans looked. So he took them off really fast. I thought that they looked too skinny and faggish looking. Skinny jeans look alright on some guys, but just not on all guys.
@nixiecole (360)
• Philippines
13 Aug 10
Well, I don't think it's weird. I guess it depends on who wears it. I know guys who wear it and look good on them, but there are also people who wear it and makes you wonder what's wrong with them. :)