Why do you always want to talk

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August 12, 2010 2:22am CST
to the person you should not talk to. well i final talked to some one i haven't rely talked to in a long time and the odd thing is he was my best friend up till 3 or 4 years ago. i'm now dating his brother and am very happy. but my ex best friend is being well him self. i know i have heart him. But not the way he said i have. I don't under stand why he sounded happy to talk to me then sounded rely upset when i said some thing about his brother. well i guess i do. i just don't under stand why i want to fix things between them when my boyfriend does not want to deal with him. i feel like i care more then he dose. They are family thou. should they or should they not hate each other? I know my ex best friend has said and done a lot of mean things. But does that mean that he should hate him? I guess i'm done with it now. I'll let them work it out.
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@ptower76 (1618)
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12 Aug 10
Well ladybugr2d2, i really don't know here why both brothers are estranged. If its what i expect and the ex had feelings for you and yet his brother is the one that you fell for. Its best that you let them work it out. You know, it is an unspoken agreement between brothers where I grew up that neither chase the girl the other likes. And if the girl chooses the other, then neither will accept the girl. Its just the way i grew up with my brother that is only 11 months my senior. His girl becomes my sister and visa versa. I think the more you meddle the more you fan the flame of hate. I love my brother very much and i would not even consider romancing a girl i knew he liked. But then, maybe we are special that way. I hope it works out for you.
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13 Aug 10
I think that is great. family should be there for one and another. But the two i'm talking about never got along. ever from what i understand my ex best friend did a lot to my soon to be. I mean a lot and the worst thing was rely bad. I guess i just find it a little hard to be live. I tout i knew my ex best friend well. Know i don't think i knew him at all if that makes since. I just feel like i made things worse and i want to fix what i did wrong.