feelings about having a digicam.

August 12, 2010 2:28am CST
i am longing to have a digicam years ago. i am saving to buy for it for years. now that i have it, there's no day that i don't take pictures. i am also glad that i was able to earn out from those pictures too.It has its new ultra-low-budget point-and-shoot. what are feelings when you have your first digicam?
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• India
12 Aug 10
Yes even i wanted to have a digicam when i was a kid. I got my first digicam at the age of 15 and since then i have always recorded all my sweet memories on that cam. Whenever i feel like i want to travel back in time then i just whip up my digicam and have a look at all those videos and images which have been burned into my heart again and again. It's an endless rain of memories. Though pictures give you memories i would say that a digicam does much more to me. I feel like that person is with me always and i could talk to him whenever i wanted to. It really is a memorable device and it's like my own personal diary to me.
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@voldrox (7204)
• India
13 Aug 10
Hi flagella, I like to have digital camera myself. I don't own it, actually my dad bought but it's like it mine he he. Dad wanted to get a new one so i suggested he take a cannon g11. Our first one was a slim and compact Olympus and we really loved it and was really nice! But the new one is just much better and much more costlier, anyways. Now the old digital camera is with me and my brother while the new one stays in my home.We both live away from home, studying in the same college. It's exciting to have our first digital camera, i am sure..!