Case Logic Compact Portable Hard Drive Case

August 12, 2010 6:34am CST
"I must say, I was a little alarmed when I read one or two reviews saying that this case wouldn't protect the hard drive from a fall. Still, I bit the bullet and bought it, man am I glad I did. The case is hard and solid, and the hard drive fits LIKE A GLOVE. It's almost like Iomega and Case Logic got together to create the perfect case for my hard drive. The cable goes in a little netting flap and the drive is held in place by a wide elastic band, I've tipped the case in every direction while open and the drive doesn't fall out. True, I haven't actually dropped it to see if it would protect the drive, but the sturdy design does give me a great sense of security and I'm sure it'd hold up to anything short of throwing it out of a 2nd story window. Hope this helps. " One says.... For more reading
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