Celebration for all of you :)

@Suggar (3611)
August 12, 2010 12:48pm CST
Hello guys, at the moment i'm very happy, because i reached 200 responses and i can use emoticons now (i hope) :) This is what i was trying to reach some days now and i'm really enjoying my time here with you :) This is why i want to create virtual bar for all of you :) And we can talk a little, if you want that ... :) I have prepared some drinks, but will be happy if i know what you like to drink, so i can give you some. Here are some peanuts, almonds, cashew and other kernel for you. :) What was your point when you started mylotting? :) What is the first thing you wanted to reach? More money, more responses, big levels of your profile, more new discussions, written by you? :) I know that all we are here, because we like the way we win extra money :) And also we enjoy our time here with sharing experience and good thoughts. But what was your first aim in mylot? :)
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