Sometimes, ANGELS have no wings... do you agree?

August 12, 2010 4:58pm CST
For a couple of days, i became very very busy with preparing data and presentation of my bosses for the coming Office National Assessment. Even after that, i felt so stressful & tired , setting aside those mind-boggling situations at home. I felt so bored, burn-out! I even cried and think if what i am doing still worth it... Then, one morning, a very old lady "accidentally" sat beside me in the office canteen, and start telling stories about her life when she's still an employee. At first, i want to cut her and go back to office, but then, i found myself enjoying listening to her, as if this what i want, yet it is. Whether her story is true or whatever, there's something in her that struck me. She was a retired employee from our office, very old now, but never stop coming back to office to update herself as she said. As i turned my back at her and taking my steps back to the office, i could still hear her words in my mind such as, "go on, but never compromise on people who will bring you to nothing". "you're still young, there's more to life", "there's so much you can do", "never stop", "just be silent when you're in bad situation, take time to think it over"... I realized once again what i really wanted and where my fulfillment and happiness really come from. That old lady probably would not know what she did to me. For me, she' an angel. And I guess, sometimes, angels don't have wings... Do you agree?
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