Do you compose lyrics first or music first?

@asxenon (1441)
August 12, 2010 9:07pm CST
Anyone has any idea on how to compose a great masterpiece? Music first or lyrics first? How to get instinct for the masterpiece? Any ideas are welcome.
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
13 Aug 10
I have no experience in composing songs and music, although I very much like to listen to all kinds of music, of different countries and culture. To come to your question, I would think composing lyrics would come first, because that is the essence of the song ! But, any way, I may be wrong !
@asxenon (1441)
• Malaysia
13 Aug 10
Anyway, i think it depends on individual. Some people might have insight about something that the rhythm suddenly appears in their mind. Then they follow the insight to find out the feeling they had before adding lyrics to it to make music.
@VRamone (325)
• Brazil
21 Aug 10
many of my compositions,i have the first idea while im taking a shower hehee its a bit crazy =D ideas really come from nowhere,and when they come u should write for not forget hehe.I prefer to create lyrics first,and then i do something on my guitar to see how it goes =)
@Lemonata (33)
• Estonia
15 Aug 10
Well, you'll have to take in account, that every song or the first song you write will not be a great masterpiece. You'll have to experiment with different sounds and ways so you can find your own. Anyway, music or lyrics first? If you're good at writing, then maybe you should start with the lyrics. Try to write it as a poem, with constant beat and rhyme. If you're good in composing, start with music. Try to get a memorable line that would distinct your music from others. A simple chord to chord won't work well - it has been made so many times over and over. Try to invent rather than reinvent :).
@Thumb86 (290)
13 Aug 10
It depends...Everyone has their own method when it comes to writing songs. I tend to write the music first and then fit the lyrics around the melody. Some people just write a bunch of lyrics down and find the music to fit around the words. There are many ways you can approach songwriting. Its fun finding new ways of doing things. Go experiment!