How to start your business?

August 13, 2010 1:27am CST
You have an idea, you want to start a business. Have you confidence to start? How do you start it? How to protect your idea? Let talk about this issue with me!
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@mylosha (286)
• India
17 Aug 10
Hai mylotter, before starting any business the first thing we should do it to analyze whether we have a thorough knowledge of that what we afford to it what we persist with that conciouse if you met all these requirements then start the business confidently. For example if you want to start online business then you should first know how online business works? what we need to do to do business? what successors in the field do? what are the avenues available in online business? similarly other businesses you should know their basics accordingly. It is the matter that why many business starter would end up their business shortly or lose the business. When we realize and learn the basics of the business that we wish to do then we get ready to start the business once you started business then you have to learn the strategy and available tools to improve it.
@atv818 (1988)
• United Arab Emirates
14 Aug 10
Want to start a business? Do your research and see what business is suitable near your home or work area. Make a feasibility study to avoid any huge financial errors. If you don't have enough money to start a capital then try earn them first. If you're not working or if you are working and the salary is not sufficient then look for other additional ways to earn. Mylotting is one way. If you want to know ways to earn online during your spare time then you may PM me. I'll be more than happy to share what I know.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
13 Aug 10
Well, it all depends very much on what kind of business you want to start. But the first and most important thing is to do research to see if there is a demand for what you want to sell or offer. Do people want your product or service, or will you waste your time trying to open a business in this field? If you get a positive reply to that, it will give you confidence, and I think that it will also give you good ideas that you can use moving forward.
• Indonesia
13 Aug 10
If you want to start a business, just start. You'll figured how to run your business well by running a business. Competitor is not really competitor, they just a partner who has same business with us