Super Mario 1 - 100 lives do you still rember how to do it?

@ash_gray (129)
August 13, 2010 4:47am CST
I play super mario 1 when i was in grade school and I'm happy every time I got to the stage that a can get a 100 live's. But now I can remember what stage that I can have 100 live or how to get it... Does anyone still remember how to get it?
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• Philippines
13 Aug 10
I don't know what stage is that. I can only remember it when I see display. I can get 100 lives if I saw the two turtles in stage I should keep jumping the second turtle shell until I get the 100 lives. Maybe that is in 2nd stage, in the tunnel. Ahh! I don't really.
• United States
13 Aug 10
I know ! Its not in the first stage, but its in any stage really if it has the staircase of blocks. now there has to be turtles/koopas walking down the staircase, and what you have to do is jump on one, right on the edge, and then when you do you'll go back in the air, and then land on it again because the turtle will roll to the wall of the block staircase, then right back to you before you land, and your points will go 200 400 800 1600 2400 4000 5000 1up 1up 1up 1up 1up and you just stay there till you have 100 lives :D
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
Yes a two turtles at the staircase. jumping all over him again is not that easy. timing is very important to get 100 lives. You can finish Mario without getting a 100 lives.
@vbpujara (646)
• Rajkot, India
4 Oct 10
Really,I did that when i was playing it before many years.
@mlhervas (482)
• Philippines
3 Sep 10
Hmm.. If I was going to play Super Mario brothers again today.. I think I could still try remember how to get it. It's on stage 1-1 right? Or maybe somewhere else. hehe. Still I can remember it when I'll play it! :P
• Romania
10 Apr 11
It's on stage 1-2 in the dungeon :]
@ash_gray (129)
• Philippines
2 Jun 11
The only thing I remember is before you go to the castle in the stair with the 2 turtle going down. :)
@Ladybugs (404)
• Philippines
6 Sep 12
Hello there ash_gray. I also loved playing the Super Mario game when I was in my elementary years. I was very happy because I was able to play it with my sister, nephew and other members of my family. I think we were really serious in playing that game so we could finish World 8-4. I think we get 100 lives when we are in World 3-1. When we were in that stage before, we usually passed the controller to our sister. She was the only one who could do that in our family. She was so patient so she would be able to get a hundred lives for us and we would be able to finish the game. We had our collaborative efforts in playing this game. I think we get the 100 lives when we are near to reach the flag in World 3-1. We would see two turtles coming down in the staircase. We should jump over the first turtle or just let it pass. Then, we should focus on the second turtle. When we step or jump over it, we shouldn't let it go. We should trap it in one part of the stairs. We should make sure that it would bounce away from us and then back to us. We should do it many times. We should stay above the turtle and we should keep on bouncing until we could see we got a hundred lives already. I was just happy when we were in that level before. I was also so happy because we were able to help each other in playing this game but I was the only one who finished the final stage. I was so patient to figure out the mystery in that castle. i really didn't know what to do that time but with much patience, I was able to do it. :) I just wish I could play this game again and I would also try getting one hundred lives by myself. Oh, how I miss playing Super Mario. It's so good to reminisce, right? Happy myLotting and I hope we could play this game again. :)