fake moon landing

August 13, 2010 5:19am CST
hi, if any one ask u a question that who was the first person landed on moon then immediately our answer is 'neil armstrong"..but i wish u tell that it was a fake its true because if u type "fake moon landing" in google serch. then we will get many sites regarding that...its true with the proofs they are announced that its fake moon landing.. soo what can we say?????
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• India
13 Aug 10
Wow! I have never of such a scam before and if it's really true about what you say then i would really be shocked! Neil Armstrong just turned 80 a few days back and i had posted a discussion on the same and there also there was a mylot user who claimed that his moon landing was a fake. I had never thought of this before. If it is really scam then they won't mind as they already have got all the publicity they wanted and they wouldn't mind it much now. But they had gained a lot of money from it and all the publicity stunts and all. I wish i didn't hear of it but you know what they say... THE UGLY TRUTH!