I might be beaten up some day by my w.......

August 13, 2010 9:06am CST
Hi friends, I was out of town for so long alone and my wife was waiting from many 4-5 months to be with me. After coming back from US I am working 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm to match some hours with US guys and because of that I reach home by 12 midnight or after that. My wife is waiting for me to have dinner everyday and she also does not eat, I feel bad and angry sometimes because of this situation. Trying to get out of this schedule ASAP. Hope I will be back to normal.
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• Philippines
14 Aug 10
You should do some necessary adjustments the soonest before beaten up (literally) by your wife. LOL You know, if it is not easy for you to adjust to your local time, it is much difficult for your wife to be waiting for you. It is not too late yet, do things right the soonest before it will be late.
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• India
23 Aug 10
I know it is not easy for her but she is supportive to me. Need to look for some other options. Thank You for sharing.
• United States
13 Aug 10
Don't be mad take every chance you can get with your wife. if she chooses not to eat it is her right to do so. She loves you and wants to show you this. I think you have it made with her.
• India
23 Aug 10
Yes, thats correct but I have not been able to come home early and that is not accepted by me itself. She is supporting me for all this but I need to understand this. Hope I will be out of this soon. Thank You for sdharing.