Lance Cade Passes Away

August 13, 2010 4:39pm CST
It was reported that former WWE star Lance Cade passed away of heart failure this morning at only 29 years of age. This is sad that this keeps happening. It had two young daughters which he left behind.
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• Netherlands
13 Aug 10
Yeah, It's just terrible right? I mean what about the story of Eddie Guerrero. It's just terrible how the Wrestling destroys their body like that. We should be very thankfull and show a lot of respect for the current superstars that they put their bodies on the line for our entertainment!
• Canada
14 Aug 10
Same for me. It just makes you realize that you life is honestly unexpected.
• Canada
29 Aug 11
Yes we lost many wrestlers too early. It's sad to see some many of my favourite's lose their lives way before their time. Just recently Randy Savage passed away. That broke my heart. He was such an inspiration and well liked performer. It's really sad to see more and more of these men and women no longer with us.