What has your government done for you lately?

@veromar (1457)
August 13, 2010 7:29pm CST
We all gripe about politicians and what they do while in office. I'm curious to know what your government has done for you recently. Any positive actions that will lead to a better life for you, your family & friends? I live in Argentina so I'll start...... The president here is Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. Wife of the former president Nestor Kirchner and the first elected female president. Since she has taken office here's just some of the things her administration has accomplished: In the last 2 years, 27 public schools have been built with 21 more in production. Has made television viewing of futbol (soccer) matches available to the entire population. It's the national sport and previously you could only see "big" matches on pay-per-view. Instituted a nation-wide water purification system. Built 1.2 MILLION houses to house the homeless with another million or so in development. Legalized gay marriage. She took on the Catholic church in order to do it. No small feat, to be sure. She has raised the minimum wage as well as retirement pensions to keep up with inflation. Here in Argentina, there's no "sales tax". Taxes are already included in the prices of things. Naturally, prices of food, energy, housing, etc. have increased in accordance but in the big picture, to me at least, it's well worth it. In my own neighborhood, a suburb about an hour outside of Buenos Aires, we recently got an upgrade in our sewage system, a new school and a new public hospital. So.........is your government working for you?
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@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
We have a new elected president. His plans and rules seem to be good. We'res till on the watch out what good can be done for us by the government after those failures from the previous rulers. Later maybe I could conclude of how good is our new government.
@veromar (1457)
• Argentina
14 Aug 10
Having a newly elected leader can offer some exciting possibilities. Usually though, they have to first muddle through the mess that previous leaders have made, as you mentioned. It must be difficult to be in that position as a new president. Citizens always expect great things to happen immediately and that is very rarely the case. It takes time to implement changes and there is often a lot of "red tape" that must be cut. Everybody wants something from you yet, if possible, it's necessary to stick to your campaign promises and hopefully provide a better future for your citizenry. I hope it works out well for you and your country.
@ifa225 (11097)
• Indonesia
27 Oct 10
the government is working for people. but the result for me is none. i still have not get a job now. the traffic jam still crazy, the flood still exist. i know they still working out, but we need faster