If the moutain doesn't come here,I could go there to the moutain!

August 14, 2010 12:31am CST
A story from the Koran: Mahamed ever said in public he could call a mountain coming to his front. Peoples came together to see his capability. After several summons,the mountain didn't response. Mahamed then said,"If he doesn't come to my side,I would go to his side!" What is your understanding of this story?
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@chayapathys (2113)
• India
24 Aug 10
If mountain does not come to Mohammad ... Mohammad shall go to mountain .. it is a well known saying. Apart from the truth or otherwise of the story there is a fund of wisdom in this saying. Everybody knows that mountain is immobile and how can any one expect maintain to move.The essence of this is that when we take up a task it is only our efforts that help in completing it. We cannot expect the task to b ecompleted without our efforts.The Prophet conveyed the message that one should do his best to do any work.In other words do not expct miracles to happen.Pehaps this is also His holy message that mulims fasting in the month of Ramdan are expected to carry on their routine duties instead of idling their time. I feel that every one understand the hidden meaning of these word.
@urbandekay (18312)
14 Aug 10
That Mohamed made a claim that he could move a mountain but when put to the test he failed. all the best urban