What if there is NO MORE BAD GUYS in this world?

@asxenon (1441)
August 14, 2010 2:50am CST
Chinese believes in ying and yang... Behind every good, there must be some bad to compromise the good. But for believer in peace, many often hope that there will be no bad guys out there. However, wouldn't it be in-balance if there were no more bad guys? What would happen to this profession such as police, judge and others who helps to fight crime... will they be jobless one day?
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• Portugal
15 Aug 10
well i dont know they would find other jobs to do^^ but the truth is the world would be better if everyone was good. the world wouldnt be less interesting people could still argue bcs even good people argue but if crimes ended and people stopped to lie and pretend for sure the world would be so much better. i say that bcs me im always good, and really care for people and sooner or later people act bad to me :( and i really am unhappy with this.
@sach143_u (859)
• India
14 Aug 10
It is impossible to have such kind of things on this earth. Rather than saying bad guys we can mention as NO MORE GOOD PEOPLE or PERSON in this world. Why because nowadays so many or every one are selfish. They won't think about others they will think about themselves. Friend every time i use to give one example on such type of situations. ALL five fingers are not same. Like that only every one is not same if you find some one with full of happy then there will sad existing behind him/her.
@atv818 (1988)
• United Arab Emirates
14 Aug 10
You way of thinking is very cute. Worrying about a minority to be out of work than having world peace. How will it be like without bad people roaming around? Wow! That will be HEAVEN ON EARTH! As for the others who will be jobless, don't worry, they'll be finding jobs because there won't be cheaters anymore. Everybody will be living honestly and safely. I just hope we are still alive to experience that - if it happens.