do you know the real you? or better to know others than yourself?

August 14, 2010 3:57am CST
i'ved tried to be with somebody and to other people around me, but they always see's me with my funny reactions and happy person they dont even judge me for who am i.coz they are nice too..but other person who see's me outside and i never be with them and always judging me as they see me but they don't even know what's inside of me and the attitude i have..for the people who always see others ..judge yourself first before others..judge you learn to others and have a knowlodge to them...know how to love others coz its better to give than to receive.. :) loveyou all
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• India
14 Aug 10
Well i know that i know myself. I don't think others know much about me. I know myself more than anyone else. The only person person who knows me so much more is my best mate and he likes me and i also like him so much. I would do anything for him. And i bet he would also do the same. No one else knows me better and i don't get too close with much persons because i can't bear losing someone whom i am really close to...
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
i think i am more aware of the REAL ME than others :) unless they open up themselves to me. and whenever circumstance comes whatever form, i prefer not to's better to hear their reason straight if they feel there's a need. but among other ways, i prefer to respect them. and i believe that's one key in order for us not to be judge by others as well.