Walking out of a reception still VERY hungry.

@jennbart (1332)
August 14, 2010 7:05am CST
I have got gotten to a reception of someone I'd rather not divulge, still very much hungry.The visitors in every table was also heard looking if there are still food as we are still so much hungry, but unfortunately every catering dish was all cleaned up. I just had myself satisfied by drinking too many iced tea to make myself full. Thinkng about this, I cannot understand why the celebrants need to go thrifty on their reception, I mean the bride and the groom's family are both well off. The bride can easily afford some branded stuffs maybe even everyday. After the wedding reception my family still ate at a restaurant and I had consumed a meal for 2 people. Man, when I get married, I will not starve my visitors! lol! As this will make them remember you by.
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@prudent (314)
• India
14 Aug 10
O ho ho ho! Feel very pity for you guests. But don't be angry; try to feel their situation. I think, there might be some reason unknown to you for which the host couldn't serve the guests well. Either they couldn't plan the program well or they received unexpected number of guests or there may be some people who were not invited at all.
@jennbart (1332)
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
Thanks for the response:) well, they planned their wedding a year before so there is enough preparation in that. Plus, in a reception there should be a "buffer" wherein if the guests are 120 people the food should be like for 200 people. They can take home what is left in the reception anyway.Also, there should not have any unexpected guests as there is an RSVP. My brother's and sister's wedding had more than enough food. They already thought of things like "what if there are guests who came in late and only came in the reception" there should be food left for them. I am not angry, I was just disappointed.I have never went to any wedding like this before. Maybe if they had served an Ala Carte, then maybe the guests might had been happier! :) Hers was just a function room in a small hotel. Maybe 100 people only, some of the weddings I had attended to was of 300 guests and more as the location was in a garden location good for 2 weddings, and they did not ran out of food.