Gatecrashers- how did you take them?

@jennbart (1332)
August 14, 2010 10:13am CST
I u had met 2 gatecrashers in my whole life. It was my anniversary with my ex bf then in a bar near our school. I invited a friend, who invited 2 more unknown people. Man, I was pissed as they keep on ordering and ordering drinks,and mind you they are not asking a refillable iced tea that came with the package in the party! They are ordering Tequila's, and the ones in test tubes drink! I was ready to kick them out of my celebration, when my ex came and stopped me.Dig this! after the party, they even asked my ex if they can ride with us and drop them off on their homes! Goodness! such shameless girls!! If only my Ex did not stop me, I will ask the cashier to separate the stuffs that they ordered from us! I do not know who they are, just met them there. Did not even mingled with the celebrants but they had tabled some of the fraternity men.I do not know if they are hoes looking for customers. I just frowned at them. They are not my friends,they are not from school where my friends and I belong.
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