What's with Starbucks Coffee and their shops are always full??

August 14, 2010 12:44pm CST
Every time I pass by to any STarbucks shop in my country, it is always full! Yeah yeah yeah, when I was young, I made sure that I visited Starbucks like once or even twice a week with my friends. I was kinda addicted to it. I admit their coffee is great. But why do people - particularly to young ones - still buy coffee from them even though it's costly?
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@cwong77 (2011)
• Malaysia
20 Aug 10
I personally prefer SB than others and I will always patronise their shop in my surrounding. Despite it's more costly, however I will be ensured that the quality of the coffee is good and up to my expectations. I conduct meetings and friend's gathering in SB too!
@cajimenez (452)
• Philippines
17 Aug 10
I don't think it's the coffee that draws people to their shop . It's the ambiance, it feels like home , where you can hang out with friends over a nice cup of coffee.
• United States
14 Aug 10
its just so good especially their vanilla bean frap sooooo good. And its a good place to just relax and hang out.
@jamuls (530)
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
their coffee is good but Seattle's best is better... for me. :) the thing about Starbucks is that it's a nice place to hangout with your friends. cool music (sometimes) and how they treat their costumers are great. i admit the coffee is kinda pricey but if the partner wants to go to Starbucks then i can't do anything about it but go with her. lol!
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
14 Aug 10
Because it is so yummy! they actually don't have Starbucks where I live, but I still go whenever I go abroad and see a Starbucks. There is just nothing better than their coffee, if you love coffee!
14 Aug 10
I think Starbucks is poor considering the quality of what you get for the price you pay. Maybe they should rename themselves "Bigbucks" as that would be a more accurate title for them. I think It's like any major brand - clever marketing and hype will always win you some customers. Or maybe lots of people just prefer style over substance?