how to use items in Character of S-ven?

August 14, 2010 10:44pm CST
hey Mylotters who are a dota Allstar fanatic?can you help me to teach what item is suitable for S-Ven?because i always been bugging by my friends in playing dota when we play random type of character.they always kill me because my character is weak please help me..
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@elvs16 (20)
• Philippines
5 Mar 11
if you're the ganker type then i suggest you buy bottle for your first item and then roam every 2 minutes to get the rune/power up. Then buy at least boots and if your team are owning then blink dagger. If you always die when ganking then i suggest you buy lots of bracer. if you're the farmer type then buy threads and then madness, you can farm for dagger after. if you want to survive once you go into the clash then try lothrs so that you can escape
21 Mar 11
thanks for that im a farmer type not a ganker.i like your comments alot!
• Indonesia
28 Feb 11
Hello seljuk, my suggestion for sven's item are, first of all try to get shoes, phase boot or power threads is ok, also a bracer or magic stick for starter. Then second, I usually get mask of madness followed by black king bar (bkb). u know his ultimate was quite fast to kill a hero in multiple blows after the stun. Then buy blink or Bf. that's all my build.
• United States
22 Dec 10
Get stats items to start. Get a quick boots and bottle and start ganking. Upgrade boots to treads. Then farm up a blink dagger. That is when you should initiate for your team.