August 14, 2010 11:40pm CST
to the naked eye most people wonder why the goverment doesnt just ban cigarets ? well when u break it all down its all about money(as usual).... full cigarette packs can go for about 12 dollors and most smokers can go threw a pack in two days so in a week there buying about 4 packs at 12 dollers each which is 48$ so a month there spending about 192$ a month....$192 a month now heres the best part... there are about 45.1 milleon smokers in america alone (around 1.2 billeon in the world)so now multiply 192 by 4510000 thats $865920000 A MONTH ! unbelivable and about 400,000 die a year from smoking ! so what side r u on ? do u think the government should continue allowing the producing od ciggarretes because of the profit or should they ban it and save the lives of milleons ? post a comment on your opinion.
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