what happen your life w/ out friend?

August 14, 2010 11:44pm CST
my life is so boring if i don't have a friend, no talking and sharing about my love, my life, my problem, my dream,and even companion you don't have when i go, my life is not complete if i don't have, even one friend, but much better if you have many friends cause they can give also a joy in your life. i already experience have no friends, life is so boring its like life in the prison. when i was in high school i got many friends and i got experience a life, happy, funny, crazy and anymore and when you have a problem its going disappear. will in my family is can give also like this, but it so different your family and friends. i don't know what have a different both of this?, just think it can give same right? same love, same happy, and same special. i always think about the different of them. and now i think the friend is going lost, when you get trouble, got misunderstanding,and some of your friend is going traitor to you.i don't know why, i always looking friend even i got a bad friends before.i have 3 friends close to me, we got 9-13 yrs have a communicate of my friends until now. even they have own family we are still a good friend,and i thanks to the lord that he give me a friend like them,and like my family. friends and family is my best!! and what about you? what is your life w/ out a friends?
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@melz21 (10)
• Philippines
10 Dec 10
You know guys, if we don't have friend life is boring,we can't enjoy life with out friend. For me, friend is part of our life, our family we can call them as a friend because for me friendship is the gift of GOD..that's i treasure all my good friend.
• United States
21 Aug 10
Without friends I would have little inspiration, comfort, and support, they are essential.
@ash_gray (129)
• Philippines
17 Aug 10
That's the worse will happen in a human being, with no friends. Every one has a friend in this world our family, our parents. And when start studying in grade school we have already people to meet and become friends. Sometimes our friends from grade school were the one with us until we become a teenager. We cannot live without friends.