Newborn Baby

August 15, 2010 3:14am CST
I was just wondering if there are any mothers on the www who would like to assist me with some hints, tricks or tips for soothing or settling down babies when they are unhappy or maybe having belly ache or wind. Cheers
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@annawen86 (547)
• Indonesia
29 Sep 10
helo hunterh, i'm still 24, but maybe i have a solution for you. try to learn baby language. nowaday, this baby language are the booming one. there are 5 kind of baby language, and you will know what does she or he want with the baby language. so you will not get any trouble again when your baby cry
• Philippines
18 Aug 10
The exciting experience with the newborn babies is to give them a bath. Carefully wash them and dress them.. . A rewarding mom experience!
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
17 Aug 10
Him Being a new mother is not an easy task.Lot of things need to be learnt in taking care a newborn baby. When a baby is crying, it might be he/she is hungry,get wet, or stomach ache. Some baby stomach may have wind and they just feel uncomfortable. So apply some "Ju YEE" oilment,get it from Chinese pharmacist and it does help.Even sometimes when I have bloated stomach, I do apply this oilment too. Hug your baby and sing some nursery rhymes for your baby,it helps to soothe him/her down. Always change a new nappy to keep him/her clean and dry. Takecare..
@ania66 (78)
• Philippines
16 Aug 10
In between milk supplements, give them water (through bottle or glass). It's good for for their digestion and rehydration as well. Enjoy the experience! :)
@amrddy (215)
• Philippines
15 Aug 10
Hi hunterh Normally babies are cranky when they are not feeling well, hungry or wet. That is why we normally check on them regularly. After feeding them don't forget to burp them because when they don't they will get colic. Don't let them cry too much they will also get colic. Try massaging their back, tummy, legs and foot, they will be soothed by that. You also sing to them it might help...