Businesses should examine its employees attitude toward customers

United States
August 15, 2010 10:52am CST
It wasn't once, that I, as customer experience such rude and impolite service from restaurants. They simply just don't examine the performance of its serve staff, and indulge them the way they treat the customers. Yesterday, my aunt was in town, and I brought her to a Thai restaurant for a nice meal. When I ask for the menu, this young fella, who has ear - pierced, and dyed - hair, and also a small tattoo on his arm, gave me a rude attitude. He said "What?"; and an impolite look at me. What a punk! I should report this incident to his manager. But for one thing for sure, I will write a review about it with such attitude. I think their manager should give him a better training on how to treat his customers.
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