Sad songs

Sri Lanka
August 15, 2010 11:18am CST
HI all I like to know what are your favorite sad songs. kabhina sukoon ayaa - hindi hero, tired being sorry, sacrifice by elton john - english plz respond with some best sad songs! Thanks
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@VRamone (325)
• Brazil
19 Aug 10
love will tear us apart-joy division desintegration-the cure passion of lovers-bauhaus
@mauie0918 (339)
• Philippines
19 Aug 10
Well, this video is really very sad. So I want you to watch it.... Immortal by Evanescence..!/video/?id/=1595407637 Drive carefully....
@genevy04 (793)
• Philippines
18 Aug 10
Hi there scorpion god! My favorite sad song is titled "DOORS" It has been my favorite way back in high school when I was starting to have some puppy love..It really is very old Whenever I play that song on my cassette, I really can't help but feel and reminisce those lonely times I've been through.. Here are some of the lyrics: " Doors, why do there have to be doors? Coz when you walked right out of your's and mine, it makes me wonder why there are tears.. Where is the end to all of these tears? And where's the face that used to cheer me up? It really makes me wonder why does my heart just keep on beating, why do my arms just keep on reaching, for someone who's no linger there??" The chorus is the best.. I did not copy this, I still memorize the lines and I won't forget it my whole life.. "What can I say besides i'm sorry? What can I do to change your mind? What can I do to make tomorrow your's and mine?" Very nice sad song..hope you'll like it too..
@pacolim (84)
• Singapore
17 Aug 10
The best sad would be Apologize from OneRepublic, looks at the lyrics and sing along with the repeated Chorus, you will really feel that pain.
• United States
16 Aug 10
i would have to say any of the bon jovi songs on the "these days" album. espesially "this aint a love song" but almost every hair band has a song about a love lost or a friend and/or family member who passed away.
• Jamaica
16 Aug 10
I think the song "Why Does My Heart Go On Beating..." is ba very sad song, and also "Left in the Dark Again" by Barbara Streisand, very sad.
• Mexico
15 Aug 10
I never cry when listening to music, I only cry with live music. But the ones that move me the most are "Last Kiss" by pearl Jam, "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley, and one in french just because is tooooo sad: "La boheme" by charles aznavour. Hope you like them!
@sweechi (157)
• Philippines
15 Aug 10
hi here's some of the fav sad songs i love impossible by shantolle more than pride- bobby tinsley
@sunilpaul (173)
• India
15 Aug 10
Surprisingly you seem to like "sacrifice" by Sir Elton John but have ignored to mention "sad songs" by the same person...listen to really takes to a new level of reasoning of the sad times...and sad songs...
15 Aug 10
There are too many to name here that make me feel sad, but one of the most beautiful I always think is "Superstar" by the Carpenters. It's been covered by many different artists and there are so many wonderful versions. It's the same with "Songbird". I like Eva Cassidy's version of that one. Lovely