anyone of you ever met same people in different dreams?

August 15, 2010 11:37am CST
hi Friends. just wonder, anyone of you ever met same person / people in different dreams? I think some of us have ever had recurring dreams. if we met the same person / people in recurring dreams, that sounds normal for me. however, there were dreams where the locations, situations, etc. were different each time. and I realized I met those faces again and again. we even recognized each other, although I kept forgetting to ask their names. now I wonder if these dreams were actually revealing something or were they just common dreams? how about your own experiences with dreams?
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@Suggar (3612)
• Bulgaria
15 Aug 10
Hello Wintersonata :) My dreams are always grey ... i don't know why. There are no colors in the scenes. :) Last days i dreamed a lot of friends of mine, old friends, i haven't seen them long time now. People, who i lost connection with, but was dreamed last days ... It's really strange for me, because i usually don't see so many people in my dreams. I got something like feeling, that if i dream someone, it means that something bad happens to him. That makes me call them or try to find them in internet, to look if they are fine. That always has happy end. :) I mean nothing bad happens to this people, but i don't know why i dream them. That makes me worried and need to hear them after dreaming.
• India
16 Aug 10
hello wintersonata yes ofcourse i have met many people many times in my dreams
18 Aug 10
no i have not, but i never thought about it...
16 Aug 10
yes as a human being we do got a special talent that we meet people in the other places. it is called "deja vu".all you need to do is to meet that person maybe it is your fate to meet that person.I think you are not insane and you are normal cause people ecperience that one. So better be calm ok?
16 Aug 10
is your counterpart is opposite gender or same gender.maybe you do got a special skill that would travel through dreams.because some say that body and soul separates when you think while you are sleeping.