What is your thought on the new ranked games?

United States
August 15, 2010 2:28pm CST
I was just wondering what people thought about the new ranked games on LoL, personally they are more fun then normal however it seems like the matchmaking system is a bit off i keep getting stuck with noobs who make stupid choices all the time, which is very frustrating.
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• Canada
14 Jan 11
IMO, ranked games ruined League of Legends. Before, LoL was just a fun game that one could enjoy when they got off school/work, but with the addition of ranked games, matches become more serious, and players rage a lot more. Also, if you fall into the low elo bracket off ranked games, you basically can never come out, unless you experience a miracle. In low ELO, you will only be playing with "noobs" that don't know wtf they're doing. Just my opinion on the matter.
@Bd200789 (2994)
• United States
16 Aug 10
I haven't been able to use mylot lately so I didn't realize they had games on here.