Any doctors out there?

August 16, 2010 5:28am CST
I'm wondering how many days rest I'd need? What do I have to do? Therapy? Acupuncture? Chiropractor? - I always feel dizzy. - I always have the urge to throw up. - Sometimes, I literally "see stars". - I get frequent headaches that really make me throw up. - I have backpain plus I experience sharp pains in my back sometimes from some movements, sometimes for not moving. - One doctor said I have migraine and I experience vertigo. - I was asked to have CBC, I got anemia. (Normocytic) - Female, 21 years old patient. - One doctor asked me to have back xray and said there were two things found in the xray that they think suspicious. He couldn't explain. My back really always hurts. Middle part or mid-right part. I can always make it "crack".. Like how do you cracking sounds with knuckles. I appreciate your response. My father doesn't think I need to visit a doctor. My mother on the other hand, wants me to stop working and just rest.
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• Philippines
16 Aug 10
Seems your having Scoliosis,or maybe your lacking out of exercise because of your work? Have you even been try to consult that is good in backbone.Just try to take some rests first then consume a lot of milk it is good for the bones