What do you feel about school???

August 16, 2010 3:18pm CST
I hate comming back to school after summer, so what I should do???
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@chickabee (119)
• United States
16 Aug 10
Hello dovis95 - You are young and your whole life is ahead of you. I am 63 and the majority of mine is behind me. I have been in your shoes and believe me when I tell you that if I had a wish it would be to be your age aqain and go back to school and this time to appreciate it. I really didn't appreciate it and you probably don't either. School is a blessing. The fact that someone is willing to teach you from their vast storehouse of knowledge is a wonderful thing. How would we ever learn except someone took the time to teach us? How would we learn things if there were no schools? I want to go back to the schools of my youth and do it all over again. I want to pay more attention in class, to pay more attention to my homework, etc. I had the capability to earn all A's, but I made B's and C's by skimming by on my work and assignments except on the subjects I really liked, which were English, Speech and Band. I hated History,Math and Science, but now I wish I had taken time to learn them better instead of just memorizing facts which I have mostly forgotten. My advice to you is to go back to school with a new resolve in your heart. Listen carefully to all the teachers tell you, read your assignments carefully and do your homework as well as you are able. If you don't understand something get help either from the teacher, a student who knows it or someone. Anyway, don't let anything get by you without understanding it. School should be your focus now and it should take priority over playing around or extracurricular activities although they are more fun. Have fun on holidays and on weekends after school work is done. Try to make the highest grades you can and I promise you it will pay off in the end. Plus, your self-esteem will be higher. Good luck and God bless you - chickabee