Are you a Hard worker or Smart worker?

August 16, 2010 3:40pm CST
In a result oriented cometitive atmosphere every worker should be smart rather than a hard worker. In the corporate world every one will be given a target which he/she has to achive with in that stipulated time. After the stipulated time the organisation will ask for result not how you have done it. I might be hard working but at the end of the day result is not up to he mark then i will be rated as below averge performer.On the other hand some one who is not a hard worker but a smart worker achives her target with in the stipulation.At the end of the day she is a good performer but i am not.
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• India
17 Aug 10
I must say one should be a combination of both. As you pointed out, If one is a hard worker and he works all the time with no results, it's not doing any good to him or his employer. On the other hand, If he just a smart worker and he doesn't work all the time but for sometime, there are chances that he might be considered irresponsible. That's why one should be a combination of both.
@ermadear (367)
• Indonesia
16 Aug 10
it's a little bit hard gap between hard worker and smart worker.everyone mus want as smart worker.soo my.but you know,sometimes we overload and can't finish our work it can category smart work or hard worker?confusing for me..hehe