the union jack is the best flag in the world?

August 16, 2010 7:54pm CST
i have to say that i think the union jack is the most perfect flag in the whole world. All the colours just match so well and the design is timeless. to represent the united kingdom i could not wish for more. please be honest do you prefer another country's flag to that of your own?
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• United States
17 Aug 10
Actually I really like this flag too. Although I am from the U.S. the Union Jack is more fashionable. I know that probably sounds lame but I can see the Union Jack on a dress like Ginger Spice used to wear and on purses and whatever. But the U.S. flag... it's just not cute to do such fashionable things with.
17 Aug 10
Hi baybunnii, yes i have to agree other flags are great too like the USA flag (i love the stars) but cool britania has been used for so many fashion statements like 'mods'carnaby street etc we have gotten use to it as almost a fashion accessory. i'm not asking people to be unpatriotic but some flags just are too plain for my taste. thanks.
@IsisGreen (555)
25 Sep 10
Yep, the Union Flag is the best in the world IMHO. (NB. It's called the 'Union Flag' - it's only a 'jack' when it's on a Navy ship.) Other cool flags include: Libya (for shear lack of imagination) Nepal (for being creative with the shape) Paraguay (for having a different design on the back) South Africa (just looks good)