August 16, 2010 9:37pm CST
Why do we all say we invest in ptc sites and HYIP sites. Most of these are scams. I would rather call them donations. What do you think? Its just that people get scammed and they do the same things again to new sites that just come up. That's just silly and something that I would never do. People often say I hope they pay that just tells me that they donated money to these sites and hope to get it back. Look up HYIP in wikipedia it says it is a ponzi scheme and scam. I will never do hyip sites. If I was going to invest money it will be in a bank, not online.
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• United States
18 Aug 10
exactly u r totally correct about that. i tried explaining this same thing to someone here on mylot and the person that i was trying to explain it to refused to believe me and just kept going on about how i was wrong and that they were right and they kept trying to tell others about those rediculous hyip sites and how "there are legit hyip sites" and was like trying to get others to join all those hyip sites. i was like "dude those sites r all scams ur wasting ur time and money on those sites and ur trying to refer everyone that u know on here and like havnt even researched about any of it or even been paid or have any payment proofs" (obviously). hopefully that person has stopped trying to get others to join those stupid hyip sites..
• Australia
18 Aug 10
I joined one for the fun of it and opened a temporary email address just to see what they were like. Then I have to put $10 in to confirm a liberty reserve account before payment. That for anyone should signal alarm bells that hey if i do that there is nothing stopping them from just taking the money. That is why i call it donating. I removed the email address and they will never see a penny from me haha.