In a relationship, Men are the first to say "I love you"

@pogi253 (1587)
August 16, 2010 10:30pm CST
Could this be true? Research was conducted that men aren't as expressive abut their emotions as females are. Could it be that men are quick to say " I love you" just so they could get to the s3x part quicker since they assume that the magic 3 words would get the panty off at a quicker pace? So what is it ladies and gentlemen? Who says it first?
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@bokal2703 (802)
• Philippines
17 Aug 10
well, you are a man, so I guess you know your part. However, in reply to that, and in a female's point of view, generally. women tend to say "I love you" only when they really feel that way towards the person. I will never say that word if i don't sincerely feel it in my heart. Women most of the times mean what they say. I also observe that men easily say it...I just don't know what are their motives behind saying it though...