August 16, 2010 10:57pm CST
What online business is advisable for someone who want to sit at home with his computer to do a legal business online and get paid no matter where you are from and live. And i also want to know how you get paid. because most of this online money making seem to be fake, some are scammers and fraudsters. i need your advice
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• United States
17 Aug 10
Ebay is one of the best legitimate sites where you can make big bucks. All you have to do is buy and sell. You buy cheap stuff auction it or sell it and you gain profit. The only thing about this business is that you have to be patient.
17 Aug 10
Yeah, your right Gorilla, but the fact is, i really wanna have an idea on how to go bout it to start making money online
@yeyezz (196)
• China
25 Aug 10
Making money online is not a easy thing,it needs your patience.Answering a post on mylot site can earning money.I joined mylot site 1 weeks ago.i answer many posts and i earned 0.44$ these days.I learned much knowledage from mylot site thought earned less.