what are your considerations when u buy a gadget?

August 16, 2010 11:02pm CST
In my country, people are crazy about blackberry. Not because of its functionality but only for prestige. Something that makes me laugh sometimes is that my friend ever told me that he has a friend who has blackberry, but his friend doesn't have any email. When i buy a gadget, i will consider the features of a gadget and my needs, not for prestige.
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@megamatt (14329)
• United States
17 Aug 10
One of my first considerations is do I relaly need this thing. I mean, I don't want to waste my money on something that I have a minimal use for. Therefore, there is really no point in purchasing something that I am going to use a handful of times and then just have it sit there and collect dust. Therefore, it might be the hottest new thing on the market and everyone might have one, but I'm not everyone and if its not for me, then there's really no point in wasting the money. Then there is a cost. I am very particular about how far my fist unclenches when I buy a new gadget. I think long and hard about what I want to buy or rather what I feel that I need to buy. If there is a cheap alternative that might be a bit older, but it still works well, then I'm more likely to purchase that. Or I am just going to wait until the price goes down.
@gaboni (644)
• Israel
17 Aug 10
It is common that these days people purchase new gadgets just for the look, it is such a waste. I always consider whether I actually need that new gadget or not, because I don't have much money to spare on buying 'extras' so therefore what I am buying better be useful a lot to me or I won't buy it from the beginning. Also the gadget must have unique thing that I need, I mean buying two different stuff that do the same is worthless.(like those people who buy laptop and PC console, and it is not like they are traveling a lot or something, just want to walk with a computer in the house- that is a waste)
@Theresaaiza (10466)
• Australia
17 Aug 10
When I buy a gadget, I will first consider if I have something to eat. If spending for a gadget means I'd have to starve for a month, oh never mind. Actually, I do go for the price, next is its quality in relation to its price, and third is its ease of use. For example, a lot of cellphones have awesome features at such skyrocket prices but are not user-friendly, the keypad is very hard to press, or it lags when typing extra long texts. Those are the things that I just hate and avoid.