Which One?

August 17, 2010 12:37am CST
Hi This is my follow up question to my last question about Adsense. Now my real querry is - I don't know if my account has been banned as I have not yet reached the payout. But read that if traffic exchange is used Adsense finally bans the account. What if I delete it with all my earnings? Can I get a new account on the same address and other details? If I continue with the same account and sign up for Bidvertiser and get ads from them as well as continue with Adsense Google, what will happne? If I start a completely new blog from scratch on others like Bidvertiser which is a good platform like Blogger? I heard wordpress is good but it does not all html and other formatting like Blogger does.Can you suggest any good platform like Blogger where I can change the settings and get ads just like Google and Adsense? Please suggest anything some good quality. Thanx.
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