First Thing of yours that attract others

@arunmails (3013)
August 17, 2010 10:54am CST
[b]Hi Friends, What is the first thing of yours that attract others? Does anyone had said about this? (or) do you felt anything like that? Many of my friends and non-friends had said me that my laugh (not my smile) had attracted them. And they adviced me to laugh like the same. What about you friends??[/b]
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• Philippines
20 Aug 10
Hi arun. Many of my friends says my cute face, lol. My smile and eyes that attracts to them.
@salonga (27954)
• Philippines
18 Aug 10
Well this is a hard question for me so I think I will just tell you what my husband told me about why he was attracted to me: First according to him, he was attracted with my intelligence, with my whistle bait figure, with my smooth skin and with my expressive eyes.
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
17 Aug 10
My thick, dark and 'sexy' eyebrows. That's what I normally hear. I like it though.
@aurorastorm (1136)
• United States
17 Aug 10
Laugh is the same for me as well. They like that I try to be a happy person and love my fake sounding laugh. It is not fake but sometimes sounds that way and people like it for some reason even though my husband makes fun of it sometimes.
@unique16 (1531)
• United States
17 Aug 10
hello arunmails, Right now it is my red auburn hair since I colored it that color. it was mousy brown. I look like a Biker lady (lol). I do not like it because it is to red and has a purplish tint to it. Cannot wait till it grows out. The other is my purse from the movie Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp he is ont the purse for the part he played in that movie. it is a big tote bag. People think I sewed myself. I did not. Thanks and have a great day! Sincerely Unique16
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
17 Aug 10
for me, its my smile. i even got a job once because of my smile!