wow private server

August 17, 2010 3:05pm CST
I am looking for a WOW private server that is identical to the normal servers that you pay for. i am not looking for one thats instant 80, or start off with T7 gear etc. does someone know of only a Private server that is close to the normal one?
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• Croatia (Hrvatska)
26 Sep 10
Well, i'm playing on Croggesserver for about 1.5 years. It is a german server with blizzlike xp rate so u can't lvl-up that easy. its a TBC server, 2.4.3 version.
• United States
2 Oct 10
Have a look at, it's a website reviewing wow Private Servers. It's the perfect place to find the best server for you.
• Bulgaria
5 Sep 10
I think this is Best WoW Private server I play for long time, and I think World Of Warcraft in The Best Game Ever.
• Bulgaria
1 Dec 10
I think Wowbeez is the best private server.
8 Feb 11
You can try WoW-Titans. It's a wow private server 3.5.5. It is really cool. You can check it out at
8 Feb 11
You can try wow-titans, a wow private server 3.5.5. It is really nice. You can check it out at
• United States
8 Dec 10
you should cruise around they have a lot of private servers and you can find one that you love
• Philippines
21 Nov 10
if you want a 99% blizzlike private server... try In my humble opinion, its better than molten-wow which is already populated that sometimes you have to wait on queue to enter, is nothing like that. check the site. what i like most about the site is that it got a "Quest Completer" for bugged quests. Just in case you'd like plating in, add me up as your friend , my character name is POPE and i am level 74 Human Priest at the moment and i will invite you to our guild, our guild is one of the best on that server :)
• Canada
18 Nov 10
I'm agree with Demona1994 its on of the best private server. But it's not one like the normal wow. I mean you start 80 and only do raid to get the best gear Also PvP its Crazy in those server :P. Have Fun
• China
26 Sep 10
private server builders usually wants to make money so few of them will build such servers like what you want. keep looking for, maybe you will meet one, I hope so.
13 Sep 10
try WOW Indogamers. its the best indonesian private server. here's the detail: realmlist patch 3.33 3x droprate and experience register forum
• Philippines
4 Sep 10
The closest and have many players is Molten-Wow They have just updated to 3.3.5a as of september 4 2010