He is hypnotized by the tv!

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August 17, 2010 5:20pm CST
My 3 year old nephew Evan is! His parents don't let him watch tv alot. When he is able to Evan just stares at the tv and doesn't move a muscle! I have not seen a child do that in a long time! I am glad his parents limit his tv viewing! I saw him on the weekend and we watched a dvd yhat had lots of the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons on it. Evan is a good kid and I hope he never gets addicted to the tv!
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@JayJay45 (157)
• United States
18 Aug 10
It's good that Evan's parents are limiting his TV viewing. I happen to know an adult who is exactly like Evan. She puts on the TV and it's like it hypnotizes her. She does not move a muscle, she hears and sees no one and nothing around her. There was once an earthquake (4.????) and she sat right through it and never realized the earth was shaking! The really bad thing about all this is that she has a daughter who is becoming the same way. Stares at the TV without moving a muscle or being aware of anything else around her. I think this could be a safety issue-- don't you? Not to mention the mental/emotional development of the little girl could be jeopardized... what do you think?